Throughout the years, King of the Hill spoiled fans with countless memorable guest appearances. Though it was difficult to narrow the list down, here are three of the most memorable ones:

Chris Rock (Roger “Buddha” Sack)
Chris Rock made his King of the Hill debut as Hank’s driving school instructor, “Mr. Sack,” whose lesson plan revolved around inappropriate jokes. After Hank gets him fired, he eventually gets the tough-on-his-luck comic a job at Strickland Propane, where the two develop a close friendship.

Willie Nelson (Willie Nelson)
In one of the more memorable moments in King of the Hill History, (more…)

The animated show “King of the Hill” ran on Fox for 13 seasons from 1997 to 2010. The show proved to be very popular thanks to the unique humor of show creator Mike Judge. However, unusual scheduling on the part of the network and dwindling popularity led to the show’s cancellation.

For much of the early part of the show’s run, it aired after another popular animated show on Fox, “The Simpsons.” Viewers could count on watching “King of the Hill” every Sunday night at 8:30 p.m. The show was a hit, and everything (more…)

I tell you what, it’s dang hard to choose the most memorable episodes of King of the Hill!

Mutual of Omabwha, which aired in Season 9, has got to be on any Hank Hill fan’s list. While Hank freaks out about a 36 hour lapse in homeowner and auto insurance, Dale decides to raise bees and Bill and Boomhauer discover the joy of deep frying. What starts with a turkey expand into a deep frying fest of anything and everything.

Season 5 brought us Hank’s Back Story, and a hilarious look at Diminished Gluteal Syndrome. Hank’s embarrassment over his prosthetic posterior is (more…)

If you’re reading this and you never saw an episode of King of the Hill, you need to stop reading this and get on that. Tune into Cartoon Network and if your provider doesn’t give you that channel, here’s one that will – Whatever you do, watch this show!

Seriously, though, King of the Hill was and still manages to be one of the best animated comedies ever to come out on television. It ran for 13 seasons putting out a total of 259 episodes and never once was there ever a low-point in the series.

Much of the success of the show stemmed from its unique brand of humor. Whereas the Simpsons made scathing satires of our government and our society, and Family Guy took the easy way out and played on people and their nostalgia – King of the Hill chose the difficult task of making the mundane funny.

It worked.

We are surrounded by the mundane and the mediocre all day every day. There’s just no escaping it. King of the Hill showed us how to find humor and joy in these everyday nuisances and that’s why, even three years after its cancellation, you can still find it on television and on Netflix. It’s still the king.

King of the Hill’s 13 seasons are filled with laughter-inducing episodes that highlight the Hill family’s adventures in Arlen, Texas. The following episodes represent the very best of Mike Judge’s classic comedy.

Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot

The brilliant pilot episode begins with unathletic Bobby Hill getting a black eye from a baseball during a Little League Game and ends with a social worker accusing patriarch Hank of child abuse.

Season 2, Episode 12: Meet the Manger Babies

Hank’s hillbilly niece Luanne’s cast of finger puppets are the (more…)

For over ten years, viewers tuned in to King of the Hill to watch the misadventures of a middle-class Texan family and their hilariously odd neighbors. The show’s comedy focused on finding humor in everyday life and in the quirks of the endearing and unique cast of characters, including family man Hank Hill.

Hank’s world revolves around selling propane and propane accessories, convincing his wayward son, Bobby, to be more manly and trying to win the affections (more…)

King of the Hill was on the air for 13 seasons, but it was the show’s quirky, down-home characters that made it a success.

Who didn’t love 13-year-old Bobby Hill? Hank and Peggy Hill’s only son wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box, but he had a good heart, and viewers couldn’t help but to root for him to succeed. Bobby, who wanted to be a comic when he grew up, didn’t always see eye-to-eye with his conservative father, but the two managed to form a special (more…)

They say all good things come to an end that every cycle has to be a complete circle. This can also be true for television, it seems. After twelve years, and two emmies, King of the Hill is finally at the end of its rope. The show, famous for its humor that can both capture realistic situations as well as unbelievable events surrounding the life of a suburban family, has finally dwindled in its ratings to the point of cancellation.

Although this is very depressing for many fans, including (more…)

King of the Hill by all accounts is an animated sitcom, however, depending on who you talk to it is merely a cartoon. However, the main characters, the Hills, could truly be any American family as they deal with everyday issues but in a comical, light-hearted way. It was created by Mike Judge and Greg Daniels and had a very successful run from 1997 to 2010. One of the longest running television shows ever. So what are the world’s favorite King of the Hill shows. That is a tough one because it is such a subjective question, however, the shows that have garnered the most blog posts and fan interactions from people around the world are these five shows listed in no particular order: Dale to the Chief is an episode in which Dale Gribble re-examines the JFK assassination Revenge of the Lutefisk also known as the Smelly man episode.Get more information here. This episode centers around young Bobby Hill going to the bathroom during a sermon from the new female pastor and Cotton Hill acknowledging that he does not really like the female preacher. In the Mutual of Omabwah episode, Hank discovers that he has not paid is home insurance,, Dale learns that bee stings can bring a profit, Bill and Boomhauer find out about the deliciousness of fried foods like candy bars. A Firefighting We Will Go involves Hank, Bill, Dale and Boomhauer becoming volunteer firefighters. A Beer Can Named Desire involves Hanks winning a chance to win $100,000 at a half-time football game.